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Along the Cam to Milton

Another fine Monday morning saw our five-strong peloton set off towards Cambridge via the DNA cycleway, BrianC leading the way followed by BrianH, Alan, Hilary and Lewis. Winding our way from Cambridge Station through the backstreets to the River Cam, we headed north along the riverside for the very pleasant two mile stretch to Milton. The Green Dragon footbridge Pulling in for refreshments at the Country Park café, Alan lamented the relegation of Norwich from the Premier League while BrianH anxiously checked his phone for news of the England v West Indies test. Back on the bikes we took the cycle bridge over the A14 to Chesterton and on into town, crossing the river once more at Garret Hostel Lane bridge. Pausing for a breather at the Cambridge Real Tennis Club, we headed for Newnham and on to Grantchester Meadows for the return leg via Trumpington Meadow, Hauxton and Little Shelford. Great Shelford to Milton and back - 21 miles anticlockwise

A Three Brian Ride

Monday morning saw Janet, Jenny, Lewis and three Brians - Yorkie, Brummie and Local - gathering outside Cara Coffee for our weekly outing. We were off to Wimpole Hall where we were sure of a coffee, albeit a takeaway one with nowhere to sit. Along the way we passed the meridian marker at Orwell before pulling in for eagerly anticipated refreshments at Wimpole. Sipping coffee on the lawn in front of the café, as ever, the conversation was wide ranging; Yorkie Brian lamenting the disappearance of the cash economy, Janet and Lewis extolling the delights of Australia, while Brummie Brian and Local Brian wondered why you never come across a Brian who's younger than sixty. Our time has definitely passed. Making short work of the return ride to Shelford, we paused for final photo outside Cara Coffee; still closed but we hear normal service will return soon. 26 miles anticlockwise

Socially distanced (and a bit lost!)

Our first outing since lockdown and we were following all the rules; six riders max, all socially distanced. So it was that Jeremy, Lewis, Jenny, Ian and both Brians set off from Cara Coffee - sadly still closed - heading for Whittlesford, Duxford, Ickleton and Coploe Hill. The ever windy Coploe Hill Pausing at the summit to get our breath back, we headed for Chrishall Grange - and it was here that Brian somehow managed to lose half the peloton as Lewis, Jenny and Ian overshot a turn and ended up in the traffic on the A505. Oo-er! Catching up with each other again near Whittlesford, we made short work of the home straight to Shelford where Lewis kindly invited us all back to his place for coffee. 22 miles clockwise