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Head for the hills

With an all male turnout - six mature, grizzled types - Monday's ride scored none too highly on diversity and inclusion. Pausing for a breather atop Coploe Hill Moreover, compared with recent outings, this one was hot and hilly. Labouring our way up to Littlebury Green, much puffing and panting, not to mention the odd oath, was heard from the rear of the peloton. And there was little in the way of refreshment for the first 20 miles, so it was with relief that our gang of six - some of them looking distinctly pink - pulled in at Duxford Community Centre for coffee and cake. Refreshed and revived, we made short work of the return leg - thankfully just 5 miles - to Shelford. Brian promises a flatter ride next week. 25 miles clockwise from Shelford: Newton - Fowlmere - Chrishall Grange - Elmdon - Littlebury Green - Ickleton - Duxford - Whittlesford - Shelford

The morning after . . .

After a heavy night watching England go down to Italy on penalties, it was good to put the weekend behind us and get the wind in our hair, riding out to Ickleton and making the long climb up to Elmdon. Cruising back down towards Fowlmere was a delight, all the more so as we called in at El Cafecito for coffee and cake. For the record, Monday's peloton comprised Alan, Jenny, Jeremy, Hilary, Lewis and two Brians - and we clocked up a respectable 24 miles. 24 miles clockwise: Shelford - Whittlesford - Duxford - Hinxton - Ickleton - Elmdon - Chrishall Grange - Fowlmere - El Cafecito - Thriplow - Newton - Shelford