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Last ride before lockdown

Little did we know this was to be our last outing for some months.

The Great Lockdown was just a week away as Hilary, Jenny, Janet, Paul, Lewis, Jeremy, Alan, Christine, Phil and two Brians set off from Cara Coffee. 

Alas, poor Phil sustained an early puncture on Trumpington Meadow and opted to turn back, leaving the rest of us to clock up 25 miles visiting Grantchester, Coton, Cambridge and Milton.
Cyclists on Garret Hostel Bridge in Cambridge
Pausing for a breather on Garret Hostel Bridge

Notable moments included BrianC's muddy off-road excursion around Hauxton, sipping coffee in the café that Alan built, BrianH's impromptu pub crawl, and Christine's close encounter on the guided busway; though we think the Cambus driver got a bigger fright than she did.

The route was mercifully flat, give or take the odd bridge approach, and nobody fell in the river. Well done all!

Cycle route through Hauxton, Trumpington, Grantchester, Coton, Cambridge, Milton
25 miles clockwise