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A sourdough outing

Realising we were passing the posh bakery, quick as a flash, Hilary was off the bike and into the shop, emerging moments later with an artisinal sourdough. "That's my lunch sorted," she said, popping it in her voluminous saddle bag.

Six of us - Alan, Hilary, Jenny, Lewis and two Brians - were passing through Eddington, mid-way to Girton on our regular Monday morning jaunt. The Eddington architecture - Cambridge University's new development - isn't to everyone's taste, but the area around the lake is very pleasant, dotted as it is with some interesting artwork installations, including the reflective Pixel Wall

Pausing for reflection at the Pixel Wall, Eddington

Heading back to Cambridge along the cycleway from Girton, we had planned to stop on the riverside at Kerb Kollective - but alas it was closed. (Subsequent enquiries reveal it's being refurbished and will re-open). So instead we carried on to Mill Road where we pulled in at Hot Numbers. Sitting outside we enjoyed good coffee and some great cake while admiring the David Parr House opposite, said to be " . . . a portal into the Arts and Crafts era as well as the world of a working man of that time."

Back on the bikes, we made short work of the return leg to Shelford. Looking forward to lunch, we only wished we'd bought more sourdough.

22 miles clockwise: Shelford - Trumpington - Grantchester Meadows - Newnham - Eddington - Girton - Cambridge North - Chesterton - Shelford