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Take to the hills

There is no easy way to approach Elmdon. Eight miles south of Shelford and just over the Essex border, it's a stiff climb whichever way we go. Wikipedia sums it up nicely, 'the hilly topography of the area differentiates it from countryside to the north, which is predominantly fenland and flat'.

Brian and Alan, wobbling and panting their way to the top . . .

. . . but it's worth it for the view

Freewheeling back down the hill, we stopped off at El Cafecito for coffee and cake before returning via Thriplow, where the daffodils were still much in evidence.

For the record, Alan, Chris, Hilary and two Brians - Yorkie and Brummie - made it to the summit and back, clocking up 23 miles along the way. Well done, team!

23 miles anticlockwise from Shelford