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Ely by train

There was some consternation at Cambridge Station when the guard said he would only take six bikes. He already had two on board and our lot would bring his total to eight. Oo-er! But Jeremy's gifts of persuasion worked a treat and we were soon on our way to Ely, albeit with a warning not to test the guard's patience again. Our lesson for next time is to catch the more capacious London to Ely train rather than the smaller, more restrictive Cambridge to Ely.

Lewis and Hilary - with Ely Cathedral in the background

Disembarking at Ely we took to the bikes and turned southwards on Sustrans Route 11 which would take us all the way back to Cambridge, mostly on farm tracks and quiet roads.

It may only take sixteen minutes by train but you can imagine it takes a bit longer on two wheels, especially when you haves to hump the bikes up and over the occasional fenland footbridge; but at least it's flat.

Pausing for a breather at Burwell Lode

Along the way we stopped off at Wicken Fen for coffee and cake, returning home in time for a late lunch.

Chief negotiator, Jeremy

25 miles from Ely to Shelford